“Helping You Grow” is our business.
Business Consultanting | Life & Leadership Coaching | Motivational Speaking

We have helped hundreds of business owners, corporations, business leaders, executives, partners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals, meet their objectives and find the level of success that they are searching for.

Our job is to bring expert advice and create a collaborative environment for success and growth to thrive. We work with you to get you moving confidently forward, breaking through blocks and limited thinking. Together we work to create success and growth strategies, dynamic action steps and clear objectives.

Our main goal is always to grow you, grow your team, increase sales, expand market share, find new revenue streams and take productivity to a whole new level. 

You’re a new entrepreneur launching your business, it can be both exciting and a bit scary at the same time. We can help you navigate the initial challenges of a new business launch. I have personally worked on the successful launch of over 450 new businesses nationally in a variety of industries. From helping with the initial business plan, to marketing and branding to sales training for you and your team. If your business is brick and mortar and product based great, if it’s a service based product, also great, if it’s a new network marketing program again, great. We have been successful in helping clients in all of these general areas.

You’ve been operating your business for a few years now and you’ve hit that ceiling in sales and profits. You are stuck, your team is stuck and your competition is gaining market share. We can be very helpful in helping you break through and grow your business to the next level. Improved sales, improved profitability, improved market share and a new high level of excitement and productivity.

Maybe you’re struggling, really struggling and are facing the possibility of closing or losing your business. We have lots of experience in the area of business turn-a-rounds. We have successfully assisted businesses in a variety of industries turn their companies around and find new levels of success. We have successfully worked with small, medium and large companies in this area. We bring a new energy, a new set of eyes and a new perspective to the challenges you are facing. We roll up our sleeves and work hand in hand with you.

Our business consulting work is very individualized and is specifically designed to address ‘yourbusiness concerns, challenges and opportunities. We begin with an initial free consultation to identify your challenges, get clarity on direction and goals and formulate an overall plan designed just for you. Identify time lines and mile markers.

Some of our industries

  • Retail
  • Network Marketing
  • Coaches
  • Automotive
  • Import/Export
  • Executive Coaching
  • Food & Beverage
  • Wholesale
  • Specialty Restaurants
  • Service
  • Real Estate Dev.
  • Nutrition/Health
  • Financial
  • Authors/Speakers
  • How Hungry Are You?

  • Can Anything Stop You?

  • Your Parking Space